Thursday, February 26, 2009

Long Time, No Scrap

Wow! I haven't posted anything in quite some time. I've got some good excuses though. Mostly partying and being sick then more partying and more being sick. But not sick from partying. Let me explain.

My little sister works for Mardi Gras Inc. in St. Louis. So being the wonderful person she is, she granted us access to some of the events. The weekend of the 7th we attended the Cajun Cook-Off,

then the 15th was the Pet Parade,

then the 21st was the Grand Mardi Gras Parade.

Thanks, Lindsay, for your wonderful hospitality. I love you sister!

Then the viruses. Me and my computer both have had viruses. I think I finally got them both cleared up but we have been recovering together.

Finally, my mom and dad got some new baby puppies and I've been puppy-sitting in the afternoons. Not a horrible job, I must say. They are so sweet. Henry & Harley are their names and they are Havanese. So cute.

Oh and yesterday was my (gulp!) 33rd birthday so it's been kind of a crazy month. I'm planning to celebrate with my best friend this weekend since my husband is golfing in Florida. Lucky duck, right?

But I plan to get back at it soon and at least try to get myself organized enough for the St. Louis Digi-Scrap Gathering on March 28th. Becky (my bff) and I will be attending that together too.

Jaden is loving school and we are all ready for it be warm. At least Easter is a bit late this year so hopefully we will have a beautiful day for it, and we can take lots of nice pictures.