Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Can you say Page Templates?

I am in love with Page Templates. While I love quick pages (already completed layouts), sometimes you spend more time searching for what you need when you could have just created it yourself. Page Templates make it fast and easy to create a page that is still your own.

I have spent the last couple days downloading (free and purchased) page templates. I have over 30 of them on my computer. Today I organized them into folders by the number of photos on a page or 2-page spread. This is sort like how Becky Higgins organizes her sketches in her first "Sketches" book. It's how I start a layout much of the time.

Also, while in this process, I realized that Jessica Sprague had mentioned Digital Page Templates in the April edition of CK. How did I miss that? Anyways, she has a tutorial on the CK website on how to use the templates along with some free samples created by Jen Caputo. I think I've pretty much mastered them. It really is quite simple. Just remember the command "Ctrl+G" (or Alt, hover, click--that's how Jessica does it).

Off to play with my new page templates...

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